Make List And Ease Yourself

Did you think how you’ll find where did you leave your dishes or toothpaste when the movers unload your belongings? This is something essential and you should consider it well ahead.

The worst part of every removals is exactly when the man and van London company delivered your belongings and you are not able to find anything. If you want to avoid this situation, it would be better if you label your boxes and you make a list with their contents. It sounds like tedious and time-wasting task but you would evaluate it at the end.

The easiest way to make your list with box contents is wile you are packing the box. It is big mistake to do it after you finished packing because you wouldn’t remember what is in each box. Take a big empty notebook and write down there every single item which you put in the box. Make separate list for each box and number it. Label the box with the same number. In this way you would have all lists in the same notebook but you still would know which one corresponds to particular box.

You could ease yourself and if you pack similar things in the same boxes. For example put your toothbrush in the same box where your toothpaste is. It is unbelievable how many people just put their belongings in the first box which is in front of their eyes and at the end complain with ages that they can’t find anything. Don’t be one of them.

Making a list with your belongings has and one more advantage. It would let you to claim if something was lost during the relocation. Everything could happen so it would be better to be prepared.

Your man and van London company could give you some more useful advices about your relocation if you need, so be resolute and just ask.

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