Major No-No’s While Cleaning

Cleaning is not everyone’s past time. There is not much joy to be found in dedicating your precious and little free time to how your carpet looks like or whether or not you can recognize the original colour of your shelves from below the inch thick layer of dust. This usually means cleaning said areas. Of course these activities do bring a sense of accomplishment, but I for instance didn’t and used to hire a lot of professionals to come and clean my home.

I tried big brands and smaller, local contractors, such as various cleaning N22 teams, but after some time I had to redirect my budget elsewhere, which is why I had to learn to do it myself. There were a couple of quick lessons I learned the hard way.

Don’t use the vacuum on spilled food or liquid, neither on hard floor surfaces nor on carpets. You do nothing constructive. On the contrary, you spread germs around and create a potent environment for them to develop, while at the same time your vacuum cleaner will have deposits of rotting food inside. It’s unsanitary and creates a nasty smell. If something spills, mop it or pick it up by hand.

Another thing you should never do is attempt to clean with your kids at home. I can understand this if your child is quiet, but in the majority of cases, kids ruin the work you have done. It’s best to do a significant amount of the work, while they are at school. But maybe you work as well, so the only time to clean is the afternoon. Then have them play outside. The reason for this, apart from the pure convenience is that children are more sensitive to the chemicals in detergents, while you use them. You are not only helping yourself, but your kids as well. Apply the same logic to any pets that you may have.

In the end, do some research, save some money and hire professional to pick tricks of the trade. If you live in my area, I can definitely vouch for the services that the cleaning N22 area provide.

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