Low Testosterone

What are symptoms of low testosterone in men?
Men usually first notice signs of low testosterone when life begins to slow down and you perceive a significant drop in your overall energy level, most commonly worse at night than any other time. As testosterone levels drop, more severe symptoms emerge, such as a drop-off in sexual appetite, lagging sexual performance, general malaise as well as a slightly more flaccid erection. In severe cases of very low testosterone, men experience noticeable shrinking in height and the complete loss of the ability to reach a full erection.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may want to visit your general care physician or a urology specialist to be sure that testosterone low is truly the cause of your situation. After your doctor rules out any health concerns, there are plenty of testosterone boosters available via naturopathic, homeopathic, as well as conventional medicinal treatments. Once you begin any of your chosen treatment plans on any of the available testosterone boosters you should notice almost immediate improvement to the vigor of your sexual desires as well as your performance.
Low testosterone levels are normal as men age, with a very common drop-off in hormone levels in the late 40’s to early 50’s typically. There is no need for senseless embarrassment when it comes to this personal issue, your physician likely discusses similar concerns to yours on a daily basis with other men. Don’t let your lack of interest in sexual activity become a source of tension in your relationship either. Frequently the partner of a low testosterone sufferer will begin to feel undesired and concerned for the health of the relationship. With the help of testosterone booster in the form of pills, injections or implants, this frustrating dilemma can be avoided or addressed, and you can get back to your life and enjoy all the pleasures you used to, or possibly more.
What kind of testosterone boosters are available?
Herbal supplements available over the counter at almost any drugstore – be sure to read up and check online reviews as these are not regulated by the FDA.
Doctor prescribed medications.
Hormone replacement therapies available by office injections, hormone implants placed under the skin etc.
Naturopathic methods, for example through increased exercise routines to boost testosterone.

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