London Bridges

There are many bridges in London that deserve to be mentioned as some of the London attractions. Most of them cross Thames, though all London.

If you planning your trip to London then don’t miss to see Bridges in the city that link the different areas.

Vauxhall is built in 1916, and it is the first London bridge on which trams circulated. What make it unique are the bronze figures, which are placed at its endings. The figures represent the Agriculture, the Architecture, the Beautiful Arts, Education and Science. One of the interesting facts about this bridge is that a closed illustration for the creativity of the human kind is the Tate Art Gallery built for the decoration of the bridge. Nowadays the rooms of the Gallery are full of thousands of paintings and sculptures. These paintings create a true national collections, date back from the Renascence till our days.

Lambeth bridge is amazing and on the four peaks of it, you can see pineapple fruits carved to remind of John Tradescant, a landscape partner from the court of Charles the 1st, the gardener that brought the pineapple in England. Once you go there, you can see the huge building of the Lambeth Palace shows its dignity, the London residence of the Canterbury archbishop.

There are many other bridges, took place in London as England attraction, mostly because the architectural style and additional buildings and galleries, set up there to increase the bridge’s attractiveness.

Planning a vacation to London, can’t be complete after selecting some London hotel such as Park Lane hotel, situated in one of the most luxurious areas in London. When you select the accommodation, it would be useful for you to mark the attractions that you consider to visit there. If you do this, then for sure mark Vauxhall and Lambeth bridges and you would be amazed by the stunning views, uncovering in front of you. If you can’t go there on your own, you can ask the administrator of the hotel and he/she would help you to find you transport to get there. Most of the London hotels like Park Lane hotels provide perfect servicing and accommodation, so whatever you need, they can offer for your comfort and satisfaction.


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