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Your prints also reflect the local commercial printing companies you choose.  Finding the perfect one may take some time but will definitely be worth the time and effort.  Local commercial printing takes a time to design as well but all the rest and the printing will be up to your chosen printer.

1) Have a printer ready
You need printers most definitely.  You can’t just use your own personal printer and expect professional results.  Go search for one that can make your life easier.  A few things you need to try to look for in a printer are listed down here.  Not everything here may be in your available local printers but to have a majority of these is a great enough reason to pick them.

Your local printer may have:

• Perfect looking  prints that reflects in all the prints from cover to cover and first page to the last pages.

• Binding if required should be well bound with perfect sewing every time

• They must be able to give you a reasonable quote that is both competitive and of good quality, it doesn’t have to be dirt cheap just reasonable.

• Great packages that can give you so much.  Packages that include printing and mailing is one or a combo for folders and inserts is also another example printers do to help you achieve your needs all at the same time with minimal effort on your part and at less cost too

• They should be able to flexible enough to do what is needed

• They should be able to give you free shipping or delivery especially if you are in their locality which why it is always best to use services from local commercial printers.

• They should be able to meet any deadline that you request whether you need a rush job or not, they should meet it.

• They have relatively good printing equipments

2) Have a group to focus on
There are tons of people to focus on, so think about your product and think about who you believe will most likely purchase your product or try your service.  That group of people will be the people to focus on.  Having some form of focus will help you choose colors and themes that can get these peoples attention quickly.

3) Start your design creation with a design program or better yet a designer.

4) Several areas to check out before finalizing:

• Colors
Your colors should be in CMYK otherwise convert it to that.  This is the only colors printers use so use that in your design.

• Resolution
The higher the resolution the better for your prints, printers suggest you use 300 dpi or more.

• File types
Files that are mostly used and easily read by printers are pdf, jpg and tiff.  Stick with that and you won’t have much of a problem.

• Fonts
imbed your font files to your design specially if you have a different font from the normal ones

• Trim lines
Trim lines are cut exactly from that point so keep your designs (except your bleed) up to the caution line only.

Easy local commercial printing for your company is finding those Local commercial printing companies that will make everything easy for you because they do almost everything for you.  If they can service you starting from design creation to printing to delivery or mailing then you may have found the best ones.

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