Learn How to Remove Mildew from Carpets

Your carpet can suffer immensely, if you’re a careless owner, which is a serious issue, if for instance you are a tenant. A sure sign that there’s a catastrophic problem is the moment you see mildew spots on your carpets. Untreated mildew is not only a criminal aesthetic offense, but also a health hazard in the works. Mildew is a living organism, which will grow and grow, so that even if you don’t see it as a huge problem on the surface, it’s sure to spread underneath and disperse spores through your home.

These spores cause health problems to people with allergies and asthma, not to mention that they can spread diseases and weaken your immune system. The surest way to kill mildew and remove it from your carpets, cleaner EC1 teams advise, is to use bleach. Yes, you are risking destroying your carpet, but a complete mildew infestation means the same. Here are some steps on how to prepare and clean your mildew infested carpets:

1] Grab a brush, be it a dust brush or a rail brush, and work on the visible layers on the carpets with gusto. Because this is not exactly a stain, you don’t need to worry if it will set. I’d suggest you work in the opposite direction of the carpet’s hair, so that you maximize your result and proceed to clear what’s fallen with a vacuum.

2] Prepare the bleach, by dilating a single cup in about a gallon of water. This solution is best used in a plastic spray bottle as you will be able to spray only the stained areas and regulate the input of bleach on the carpet. Even if bleach is your ally at the moment, a bit too much and you will ruin the carpet’s fibre.

3] Grab a scrub brush and rub the solution in the carpet, so that you kill every single mildew spore and particle.

4] The appropriate way to rinse is to use warm water and then blot the area with a dry towel. In a very few occasions, when the carpet material allows, you can use a hairdryer to speed the process and still avoid shrinkage. The faster the wet spot dries, the lower the chances are of mildew coming back to the same spot.

If after this cleaning mission, your carpet seems to have been stained, cleaner EC1 teams advise that the best alternative is to call in a professional carpet cleaning team to deal with this issue.

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