Learn About the Culture of the Remaining Pygmies of Uganda

They have many names – Bambuti, Batwa or just the originals of Africa. Despite Stone Age ended 1000 years ago, there are societies in Africa that are still in this era. The best example is Uganda.

Book maniac have read many stories about the pygmies. We can find pygmies in Uganda. It is one of the countries where they live. The exact places are districts of Bundibugyo and Kisoro. They are areas in Western Uganda. Pygmies there behave in the same way as thousand years ago.

They practice the same way of living. The residents of Bundibugyo district are named the Bambuti and those from Kisoro – the Batwa. Those in Kisoro have a bigger group. But they leave in Rwanda and Burundi. They have the behavior that brings them back to Stone Age era. They depend on activities like begging, hunting and etc. They do not like nomads but they do not have the skills to use the land like people from civilisation. Cheap calls to Uganda

They are primitive. But in this time they are under pressure to come out the forest- their current place of live. People who live near them do not understand their language.

Bundibugyo is a place where the government organisation is taking care about them. But in future they may change their living style. International calls

But it is suspicious for me. These people can not be associated. There is one way to change their way of living and it has to be done by the government. The government has to take decisive actions.

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