Kundalini Yoga – Sat Kriya | Awakening the Kundalini

Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini Yoga and is one of the most effective kriyas to repair and reverse the damage done to our system from taking drugs or from stress.

You can experience many benefits from practicing this kriya for 40, 90 or 120 days. Whatever your current condition, Kundalini Yoga heals our system at a pace and in the progression suited to where you are at.

The classic Kundalini Yoga Sat Kriya:

♦ pumps sexual energy throughout our whole system and up to our brain

♦ raises the Kundalini.

♦ helps heal sexual dysfunctions (including impotency, premature ejaculation and sexual phobias, by strengthening the entire sexual system and by stimulating the natural flow of sexual energy.

Kundalini Yoga balances sexual impulses by channeling sexual energy into our body systems and making this valuable creative force available for all our creative activities.

People suffering from mental and emotional disorders can benefit from practicing Sat Kriya because it balances and channels the unbalanced and misdirected energy in the lower 3 chakras.

We can improve our general physical heath and strengthen our heart with distribution of sexual energy and the rhythmic movement of this exercise.

Sat Kriya activates and channels Kundalini energy to nurture our whole system and awaken our consciousness.

Directions for Sat Kriya

The position in sitting on the heels, stretching the arms overhead, elbows hugging the ears, fingers interlocked, index fingers extended straight up.

♦ Chant “Sat Nam” in a constant rhythm about 8 times per 10 seconds, or at a pace that you find comfortable. Do not speed up. Chant Sat from the navel & solar plexus, pulling the umbilicus in to the spine, and on Nam relax the belly. This creates a wave-like motion in the spine. Sat creates a wave up the spine, and the Nam allows a wave down the spine.

♦ To end, inhale deeply, suspend the breath and lightly apply the locks, using the muscles from the anus, sex organ, perineum, diaphragm and neck to allow the energy to flow up the spine and out through the top of the head. Exhale powerfully. Inhale deeply, exhale, hold the breath out and apply the locks.

♦ Continue for at least 3 minutes. Time may be built to 31 minutes. But 5-11 minutes is good.

♦ Always end with a long, deep relaxation immediately afterwards. Ideally you should relax for twice the time you practice. Never jump right up after any amount of time, even if you are feeling strong . Give your body the time it needs to integrate the effects and you want to ground in the benefits.

The Power of Kundalini Yoga

Respect the power of the technology of Kundalini Yoga and allow this kriya to heal your body and to properly prepare your body for higher experiences. This is not just an exercise – it is kriya that works on all levels of being, known and unknown, conscious, unconscious and subconscious.

If you have time for nothing else, practice this Kundalini Yoga kriya daily to keep your body a clean and vital temple for your soul!

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Guru Rattana Ph.D. received her MA from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and earned her Doctorate in Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (University of Geneva, Switzerland). A renowned author of ground-breaking manuals on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and a teacher of teachers, she studied with Yogi Bhajan for 30 years. Currently living in San Diego, CA, she is President of Yoga Technology LLC – www.yogatech.com.

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