Know how much an egg contains.

It contains B2 that helps release energy from protein and fat. It contains B6 that promotes the metabolism of protein. It contains B12 which is an essential vitamin in the formation of nerve fibres and blood cells.
An egg contains minerals and iron which is essential in the creation of red blood cells. It contains zinc that is good for enzyme stability and is essential in sexual maturation. It contains calcium which is a most important mineral in the strengthening of bones and teeth. It contains iodine that controls thyroid hormones and it contains selenium like Vitamin E that protects cells from oxidation.
In an eggshell, the egg gives you the highest quality protein you can buy. It is second only to mother’s milk for human nutrition. It gives you thirteen essential vitamins and minerals vital to good health. Not surprisingly, these great nutritional powers of the egg. It is supposed to contain everything needed for the development and nourishment of the chick.

Eating eggs at least six a week could protect you from breast cancer. A recent research study published in a reputed American journal, shows that women consuming only two eggs a week cut their breast cancer risk by 44%.

Myth about an egg: Egg yolk is all fat and no goodness: it should be avoided. However, research says the fact that the yolk has all the fat, but it has its sunny side. With the exception of riboflavin and niacin, the yolk contains a higher proportion of the eggs vitamins than the white. All of the eggs vitamins A, B and E, are in the yolk. It also contains more phosphorus, manganese, iron , iodine, copper and calcium than the white, and all the zinc.

Storage and about keeping eggs: Store eggs with their pointed ends facing downwards. This prevents the yolk from being displaced. Always discard dirty or broken eggs. They can carry the deadly salmonella bacteria. Raw eggs also carry the risk of this infection. Whereas hard-boiled, scrambled or poached eggs do not. Buy only a few eggs at a time so you can use fresh ones next time.

Beauty about an egg: Eggs can also be used as a conditioner for hair. Take one tsp. baby oil, one egg yolk, one cup water. Beat egg yolk until frothy. Add oil. Beat again. Add to the water. Massage into the scalp and throughout your hair. Rinse well.

Eggs can also be used as an excellent rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask. Take one egg white, one tbsp. yoghurt, one tsp. Fullers earth, one tsp. honey. Mix the ingredients into a paste. Rub gently all over the face and neck. Wash off with warm water, when the pack dries.

Eggs are considered to be a perfect source of vitamin and nutrition. Treat them as a perfect oval which is tasty, nutritious, convenient and in expensive. Eggs are everything they are cracked to be.
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