Kill the Odours

Probably every housewife has over boiled milk and knows how strong and awful the smell of that is. Odours are all around us and if we do not do anything they might kill us. If there is a bad smell then there is something that creates it, and if something smells bad then it is not healthy, so should be removed.

Here are some tips on how to kill most common odours and their sources, shared by end of tenancy cleaning experts.

As milk spill is mentioned, when the over boiled milk spills on the cooker cover the areas with paper or damp cloth, sprayed with vinegar.

Other strong smell comes around when we cook cabbage. No matter how we cook it, the smell is bad and strong and it spreads all around the house. To prevent the odour from spreading out, put a slice of bread in the pot you use for cooking. If your are worried about the taste of the meal you can put a damp cloth, sprayed with vinegar under the cover, instead.

To remove the smell of onion from your knife, rub some warm salt and rinse with plain water.

The smell of fish on the spoons and forks can be removed with lemon peels.

Remove the smell of garlic from your hands with salt. Rub it well to your hands, just like you are washing them with soap, and rinse.

To remove the fried fish odour from your kitchen you need sugar. Melt a sugar cube and see how the nice smell of caramel neutralizes the bad smell of fried fish.

You can remove any kinds of odour with red cedar. Just burn some red cedar fruits on a metal surface.

Keep your home clean and disinfected and you will not need to deal with bad smells and odour. Remember, bad smell means troubles. Cleaners Twickenham wish you luck with killing the odours in your home.

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