Kazi Nazrul Islam – the Rebel Poet

Kazi Nazrul Islam is a highly revered Bengali poet, acclaimed also in India. He is known to have created the first Bengali ghazals (poetic forms), which were generally used to be written either in Persian or Urdu. Being a Muslim Kazi spent his early years in studying Quran and the basic philosophy of Islam in the school run by the mosque. Later he even became the muezzin (the person calling the believers for a prayer). He discovered his real love towards poetry and literature as a whole when he joined a traveling theatre group. Kazi learnt acting and song writing, more over he did write several plays for his artistic group. However Kazi decided that he is to continue his education and eagerly went back to school at the age of eleven, which unfortunately he had to leave soon for he did not dispose of the necessary financial resources to support himself. He was obliged to accept a job as a cook and this gave him the opportunity to complete tenth grade and at the age of eighteen he joined the Indian Army.
He spent three years in the Army, however his interest towards literature did not died out and he continued to read journals on the subject, as well as writing his first piece and his first poem, “The Autobiography of a Delinquent” and “Freedom”, which were also published in a local periodical.
When Kazi turned twenty-three he published a collection of short stories, “The Gift of Sorrow”, a volume of poems and a book of selected essays “Yugabani”. A rather nationalistic poem of his, however, led to a political scandal, the consequences of which were the ultimate ban of his latest book, as well as Kazi’s one-year imprisonment.
After his release the celebrated revolutionary author attempted to publish two more books of his, but the government took care that they were not available on the market.
Kazi, was mainly known for his poems. He wrote about freedom, love, revolution and he delved into highly controversial subjects as religion and gender matters. Kazi’s firs wife was a Hindu woman, who probably influenced his feverish firm opinion that Muslims and Hindus should be able and willing to bury the discriminatory attitudes towards each other. He also tended to urge people to struggle for their freedom and to reject the British rule. Kazi even contributed to the foundation of a special politic party defending this essential cause, Sramik Praja Swaraj Dal.
Even though the great Bengali author died in suffering both from an incurable illness and absolute financial breakage, his fans were numerous and his works – never forgotten, up until the current date.
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