Jewellery Cleaning for Men

The way the men and the women look is different and the understanding about this is different. Where the women have the chance to put make up, to dress in completely different way every time, the men do not have such opportunities and because of that we rely almost entirely on several jewellery which are a symbol of each man – the watch and the ring. These are the most visible and most commonly used man jewellery.

So, what is the way to emphasise on the look of these and how to make them even better looking than they already are?

To start with, we will need to clean the ring. The cleaning depends most on the material used for the ring. Usually this is silver or gold. In both cases, the main problem will be oxygen. These metals become dark when they have contact with oxygen. That is why the cleaning should be precise and it is important but it is not that hard.
A bawl with water, baking soda and aluminium foil is the best solution for cleaning silver. Simply let the ring stay in the water for two minutes and to be in touch with the foil. Then simply remove it from the water and dry it with a clean and soft towel. Of course, if you want to spend some more money on the cleaning, you can purchase an ultrasonic cleaning machine. These achieve very good results and are smaller and very effective. Usually the people who work with metals have such machines.

The cleaning of the gold is even easier than that. For the purpose you will need a bowl, some cleaning solution, boiling water and paper towels.
Mix the water and the solution and put the ring inside. Then take it out and clean it gently with a tooth brush and dry afterwards.
If you want to clean matt gold – the procedure is the same but without the toothbrush which may damage the matt coverage. What you have to do is to replace the brush with a pad and rub the pad only in one direction and never in circle.

The watches are also easy to clean. However, sometimes the dirt and the grease are inside the machine and this will make you to hire professionals for the job. This way you will know that the mechanism is OK and it is working well and you will have your machine cleaned well.

The professional cleaners Highgate in the area of Highgate like are among the people who really can give you advices on that topic. They have good and experience and because of that you can trust them entirely.

So, make sure that your jewellery is clean and well maintained in order to look better.

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