Janitor Service Is One Of The Top 101 Businesses To Start In The World Of Recession

A janitor is the caretaker of the buildings like schools, government buildings and hospitals. The main duty of the janitor is to take care of cleaning, maintenance and often security of the building. But the foremost responsibility is of cleanliness of the building. The janitorial services provide cleanliness of bathrooms, floors, carpet cleaning, cleaning surfaces, cleaning tables and chairs, emptying trash, locking and unlocking of rooms, mopping floors and cleaning air-conditioner vents. Some additional services may include watering plants, cleaning kitchens and keeping computer equipments clean. Some commercial companies also include services like landscaping, parking lot striping, ventilation and pest control services. This business has seen impressive growth in the last few years owing to the downsizing of corporate world and increase contracts by business companies to outsource cleaning services. The business of cleaning offices, schools, colleges, health and industrial institutes is a big business.

In US, it is said that the cleaning business is estimated at 94.5 billion dollars which has an immense potential to increase dynamically over coming years. It is a low technology business so competition is dense. No large company dominates this business in America rather hundreds of small ones have expanding their business to commercial and residential areas. The book on ‘101 best businesses to start’ describes this business potential earnings to go beyond 40,000$ in the starting year. The investment is high at first but the business can achieve profit within 6 months of its workability. This is a business that could be started initially from home with less than 5000$ and can be expanded further. If business is started from home additional cost of office can be avoided but for a costumer attraction marketing is necessary. The janitorial business is a good side business to get extra cash. Most of the service is required in the early morning or evening so it is easily manageable. It is usually advised to start the business with basics. The task chosen at the start should require low cost tools and materials.

With a good reputation building, the business can start to pay back soon. It is necessary to get a license, bond and insurance when starting this business. This will develop a more professional attitude towards the service and leave a good impression on the clients. The foremost requirement is to invest in good quality products to provide better services than others. Good quality vacuums, cleaners and mops will reduce your working time, add efficiency and provide the quality of service people look for. So investing in high cost materials and equipments may seem very bad choice at first but it will pay dividend in the coming time. Marketing is an essential tool to attract service employers but it is advisable to look for new business setups opened nearby and give them a call detailing them with your services and offers. There can be several methods to get introduced like doing the job for free or discounted rates and so on. For an effective business setup, reputation should always be maintained.

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