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Calling a foreign country always seems to be a huge problem for most people dealing with international calls. One might even go as far as to stop making calls to international numbers completely. I won’t blame you if your one of those provided the high bills we get nowadays. I’ve spent the last three years travelling to different places and a whole year before that planning my destinations. Before I could travel I had to make sure I have sure contacts in the various countries I was to visit and keeping in touch with all of them meant one thing- A lot of international calls. Initially I spent a lot of month the first two months but when I started searching for cheap international calls from mobile to mobile devices I found an international call provider that offered their service at the cheapest prices that I didn’t believe it at first. Once I started using this service I was actually saving over 90% of what my local call provider was charging me for the same calls. This was a the definitely the best part of making my international calls. While I was in the airport preparing to board the plane for my first destination, I made a quick call to let my contact know what time I was to be arriving in Nigeria and that’s all I had to do, call Nigeria directly from my phone book. This is where my provider offered me a simple tip that saving my access number and destination number together in my phone book can make my calls easy as well as remove the frustration of dialling over and over my access number and destination number every time I need to make a call. I had a great time in Nigeria and my next destinations were Iran, UAE, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China. I visited all these places in about 3 months and that was my first tour. Since then I have made similar tours to other countries and I have no problems whatsoever adapting to any environment. I still keep in touch with the people I have met along the way and I have even received 3 invitations from friends to visit them again. Personally the best part of my trips are the souvenirs I’ve collected over the years. I have a my very own wall of memories with pictures, ancient weapons as well as local herbs and wood craft given to me as gift from chiefs of indigenous tribes of the places I’ve visited. I was thinking of planing the next trip together with close friends and have a very relaxing trips to exotic place but I guess that will have to wait because I wont be travelling this year. It will be a a great time and I am waiting for my friends to make a decision on the second location we will be visiting.

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