Is there REALLY a Way to Make your Penis Bigger without Surgery?

Yes there is a way to make your penis bigger. Contrary to what 99.9% of these ignorant, know-it-alls will tell you? Most people will tell you, “no, there’s nothing you can do to make your penis bigger”, “you need to learn to live with what you got”, and things along those lines. Well, after adding more than an inch and a half to the length of my erection, increasing it from an average 6 inches to a thicker, harder 7.5 inches, I cannot deny you can make your penis bigger.

Things that work to make your penis bigger other than surgery:

•    natural penis enlargement exercises
•    hangers
•    extension devices
•    penis pumps

Things that don’t work to make your penis bigger:

•    pills
•    creams

<a href=> Natural penis enlargement exercises </a> are my favorite way to make your penis bigger.  I’ve added almost all of my length and girth from these exercises. Penis enlargement exercises take a little bit of time, but it’s worth it.  You increase your erection quality while performing these exercises, due to the increased blood flow throughout your erection. Also, penis enlargement exercises are the only option that increase both length AND girth.

Hanging devices, while seemingly scary, are a safe and effective way to increase your length.  I know of men who’ve added more than two inches to their length with hangers, but you need to really know how to use them, to stay on the safe side. Extension devices work in a similar fashion, holding your penis in an extended state for a long period of time.

Penis pumps work for girth.  At first girth gains are temporary, but with enough usage of the pumps, some girth stays.

Penis enlargement pills and creams do not work.  They are all scams.  They will not increase your penis size by a millimeter, neither in girth nor in length.  They will however improve your libido and erection quality due to the natural aphrodisiacs found in the pills. Don’t believe me?  Google the name of a penis enlargement pill and write “scam” next to it, or “complaints”, and see what pops up. The thing that makes me sick about these pills and creams is that sometimes they claim crazy things; like you’ll grow 4 inches in 4 months… surgery won’t even increase your penis size by 2 inches, so how do they figure… As mentioned, I’ve added more than an inch and a half to my erection, increased my girth, increased my flaccid penis size and improved my erection quality.

I’ve learned a lot about natural penis enlargement exercises from some of the best, and have learned how to make these exercises most safe and effective.  I’ve written down all I know in one guide, and have shared this information with thousands of men from around the world. Most of these men have experienced similar results.

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