Iron Stain Removing Tips

Dealing with stains on your carpet may become quite a challenge especially if the stains are old. Some people in such situation prefer to call professionals to deal with the problem while others read on the internet and insist that they can solve the issue themselves. This off course, is not always possible. However, if you still do not want the call for professional help, here are some tips on how to deal with iron and other types of stains which may appear on your carpet.

The first thing is to determine the type of the stain. Some spots only look like iron or rust but they are not, so make sure that what you really have to deal with is iron stain.

The second thing is to soak the stain. Even London carpet cleaning companies recommend this sort of behaviour if you want to get rid of the spot. Even some plain water can help you In this situation but it would be better for you if you mix it with a solution such as dish washing detergent and even better, if you find a way to mild the water. This will guarantee you that after the cleaning and when the iron spot is no more there you will not have to deal with limestone.

Other mixture that you can use is one made with water and white vinegar. The vinegar is an acid so it will help you with removing the iron.
TIP: do not let the carpet to soak for too long because this also may damage it in a way which will make it literally useless. Other important thing is the testing before using any cleaning solution. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket by pouring the cleaner directly onto the carpet. You’ d better test it first on some hidden area and only when you are sure that it cannot do any further damage, use it.

Professional carpet cleaning London companies remind that the softness of the carpet is also very important, so you have to remember to use a softener in the cleaning procedure. After all this will make the rug look and feel better which will be greatly appreciated especially from your kids.

So, following these several simple hints, you will be able to deal with the stain steal a bit easier and faster.

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