Introducing Venezuela

Venezuela is a much-overlooked South American country, and one which has an abundance of delights to offer to travelers. It’s certainly a very different place to some of the popular Central American destinations, as anyone who has ever decided to volunteer in Guatemala will soon see…

While other South American nations might be famous for their tango music, mountain ranges or flamboyant carnivals, Venezuela is often ignored by international visitors. As a result though, it’s the perfect place for anyone who likes to get away from the crowds – and the country certainly has no shortage of dazzling attractions to offer.

Many of Venezuela’s top attractions are related to its vast variety of natural terrains. From the peaks of the Andes, down to its beautiful Caribbean coastline, the country is full of life and colour.

Just a few of the native species that you may encounter during a trip to Venezuela include capybaras, anacondas, caimans and piranhas, as well as the rich and varied tropical plants of the Amazon jungles. This is also the home of the world’s largest waterfall – Angel Falls, or ‘Salto Ángel’ as the locals call it, falls a total distance of 979 metres, in the heart of the beautiful Parque Nacional Canaima.

Of course, for many people the beaches will be one of the main attractions on a holiday to Venezuela. Golden sands and a string of sub tropical islands adorn the picturesque coastline here, and you’ll also find a bountiful selection of water sports on offer. Just a few of the thrilling activities catered for here include scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing and paragliding!

There are even opportunities for volunteering in Venezuela – and you’ll find it a far cry from other popular destinations in America, such as projects that volunteer in Costa Rica.

So, loose the crowds on your next holiday, and give Venezuela a chance! From the beautiful beaches to the thriving Amazon jungle, the country offers an incredible range of experiences, which are likely to stay in your memory for a long time to come.

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