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Are you tired of the old look of your garden? Don’t you want to bring some positive change to it? Don’t you want to make it more interesting and even extraordinary? Don’t you want to make it look good, fresh and colourful? Well, why don’t you get to work then. Today I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to improve the good look of your garden without spending too much money.

Here are my suggestions for garden design solutions:

Make pots from cans and plastic bottles

Plastic bottles and cans are wonderful for pots. They are very resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and will last very long. Moreover you can do whatever you want with them – you can bend them, you can cut them in different forms, you can paint them, you can fix them on a wall, you can hang them on a rope or wire, they are very practical.

To make a pot from a can, you have to remove its top, and smash the edges with a hammer a little bit, so to make them safe for work. If you want you can decorate your tin pot, or paint it. Once it is ready, fill it up with soil and plant a seed in it. I have painted the can pots in my garden in blue colour and have planted white flowers in them. They look very well hanged on the wall.

The plastic bottles can be made pots in two ways. You can either cut the bottom or top of them, or you can make a square hole in their centres. Decorate them however you want. and fill them up with soil again. Plant flowers or crops in them and arrange them in different areas of your garden.

Make lanterns from glass bottles

You will need an expert for this one, as the bottoms of the plastic bottles have to be removed and replaced by a can bottom. Bring your bottles to some specialist to remove their bottoms, as I said. Take a few small cans of tuna and cut them in halves. Make two holes on the can halves and tie a wire for them. When you put a bottle on a can, you have to pull the wire through it, so that it can become the lanterns handle. Mind that you have to put a candle in each can, if you want your lanterns to glow. Paint and decorate each lantern however you want and hang them around your garden.

Another idea of how to use glass bottles is the one on the left side of the picture above. I won’t explain it, as you can see how it is done.

Colourful tire planter

If you can find a few old tires from somewhere, they can be of use to you. Arrange them one over the other in a chess-board order, but fill each of them with soil first. Paint them in the colours of the rainbow and plant different flowers in each tire. You will have a wonderful and very original flower area in your garden.

Install an arbour

Arbours add a lot of romance and style to a garden, but they have to be installed by a professional garden design expert. Every landscape suits different type of arbour, and you need someone to tell you which is the right one for you. Moreover, gardening specialists can give you some extraordinary arbour suggestion for your yard.

For more garden design ideas, visit this website.

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