Interesting Facts About the Traditional Rectangular Bathtubs

Undoubtedly one of the most common types of bathtubs is the traditional rectangular shaped piece that people have been using for decades now. The most common size of this type of bathtub is 1,700 mm x 700mm, however smaller and bigger sizes of the bathtub are available on the market.

The depth of these bathtubs ranges between 500 and 610 mm, however shallower and deeper models are also available. Usually people avoid buying deeper bathtubs because they are more expensive and they inevitable lead to higher water consumption rates which eventually reflect on the monthly utility bills. Generally such bathtubs are made of acrylic. It is a low cost material that has amazing water resistance qualities and needs little maintenance. Even more acrylic is less slippery than any other material used in bathtub manufacturing and can be easily repaired when damaged. The most durable and also the most expensive rectangular bathtubs are made of thick acrylic material that is reinforced with fiberglass and has special underlying support structure.

Another reason why acrylic is largely used in the manufacturing of bathtubs is that it can be easily molded into any size and shape. Also it is a material that is available in a wide array of colors. Last but not least acrylic is light material that facilitates the bathtub installation process and produces little waste during the process. The easiest solution to handling the excessive mess related to the installation is to hire professionals that provide builders cleaning London based services. The contact details of such companies can be found either in the cleaning section of the yellow pages or in the after builders cleaning London section of the local newspapers, or you can directly book a service from Balham experts.

Another material used for the manufacturing of rectangular bathtubs is cast iron. Cast iron bathtubs have a more classical appearance and they were the only option before the introduction of the acrylic material. However this type of rectangular tub has become much more expensive nowadays because the production cost of a cast iron bathtub is much bigger than the production cost of an acrylic bathtub.

Not long ago rectangular tubs didn’t have any special features however with the advance of the hydro technology this has drastically changed. Today a rectangular bathtub may seem ordinary at first but it can impress you with numerous features such as various hydro massaging functions, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, and etc.


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