Interesting Facts About Suede and Cleaning Suede Upholstery

To be able to clean your suede upholstery you should be first informed a bit about the specifics of that fabric in order to do it properly. Of course, you can always book suede cleaning with some professional cleaning company but even then it is better to advise them a bit in advance about the material so that they can provide the respective equipment.

In most of the cases when you need to clean your suede couch or armchair dry cleaning is required. So it is better to pay more attention when booking cleaning services as some of the cleaning companies provide only steam cleaning and may try to persuade you that exactly steam cleaning is the method that you will need in order to remove some stains and refresh the colours of your furniture. They will do it just to make you book their services but the results you may get will be not only dissatisfactory but those cleaners may damage your upholstery irreversibly.

Suede is actually a type of leather with a napped finish, and as all natural materials needs to be dry cleaned. This leather is made from the underside of any type of animal skin that is why it is softer than the regular leather. Unfortunately it is not so durable and way more hard to get cleaned.

Be careful when booking a cleaning agency to do that – they must be experienced and trained specially for it, otherwise even one small mistake made when choosing the cleaning products and equipment may cause a great damage to your furniture. So beware of that. This is another reason for you to call for quotes only insured companies who have been in the business for more than five years and who have pretty positive testimonials on their website. Most of the carpet dry cleaning agencies provide upholstery dry cleaning so you may want to try with those first.

Do not delude yourself that you can do that cleaning with a sponge and a good chemical in your hands. Suede is so specific that it needs professional attention in order to be brought back to its original state.

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