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Insert printing are one of the most common methods used to advertise or announce just about anything.  It is very easy for inserts to be seen or ignored so placing them in a strategic place and making sure they look attractive are two of the vital things to remember in creating one.

Have those inserts ready in a few minutes with these easy steps:

1. Have a reason why you’re doing this
If you are just doing this for the heck of it, then you just might not really need it yet.  Spare yourself sometime and don’t do it.  if you think however that this is important for your products or services, then start the thinking process.

2. Have some focus
There are millions and millions of people all over the world with different backgrounds, occupations and standing.  Have a specific area you would like to focus on.  The best bet would be the people you may think would likely prefer your products and services.

3. Where will it be inserted?

With those people in mind, think about where they would likely see your inserts.  Do they read a specific book or magazine? Do they check their mails? Have a specific object to put your inserts.  Make sure though to ask the book owners or magazine publishers that you would like to put your inserts there.

4. Make your layout

Draw a sketch on where you want your writings and pictures to be.  Do you want it to be slanted or curled? Do you want it to have some shadow at the edges? It doesn’t have to look exactly the way you pictured it in your mind but at least you have something to make your designer understand what you want.

5. Pictures that speak

Pictures tell a story, so if you have a good picture you can easily tell your readers what your product or service is about without even saying anything yet.

6. Attractive colors
The colors that attract people are a vital tool in making any advertisement or insert enticing.  Figure out which works and how it would mesh with your project.  Choose wisely.

7. Draft text

Words are powerful, so choose the right words and motivate them to try your products or services.  Do not write too much, remember your text must fit a one paged document.

8. Designer

Your designer can be acquired from the printer as well.  Most printers have in-house designers to work for them so they can easily polish prints before the final printing.  Share your thoughts and your sketch.

9. Printer
Quality prints are the number one thing your printers must be able to accomplish.  Do not forget however that they must be able to meet the deadline discussed and have a reasonable and competitive rate.

10. Budget
Have a budget ready but make sure to adjust especially if you request to have it customized.  Research and compare rates with nearby printers.

11. Have someone to place the insert
Find someone or several people to put the inserts where you think is the best place your target will notice it.  Reiterate and let your team know the importance of placing it in the right position.

Your inserts should be seen in order for them to work.  Check everything out before finalizing your insert printing.

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