Ink Stains Emergency

Ink stain nightmare can be avoided with homemade solutions.

Of course, there are many ink stain removal products, but in most of the cases you need to act really quickly and it is not sure if you have such product in the right moment. Also, such products may contain toxic substances that may cause serious health issues.

It happens to everyone to “draw” some of the clothes, cover or sheets with ink causing a serious stain. Such “drawings” happen more often when you have little “artists” in your home. After the first few seconds of shock you should take emergency measures. You need to be sure what is the material of the fabric before applying the method and solution experts suggest. And here are the ideas of the carpet cleaning w4 experts.

Forget about the soap, because it will only fix the stain making it stubborn and impossible to remove. Try with toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste on the stain and rinse after a couple of minutes with cool water while rubbing the stain in between. Repeat if necessary.

Another quick solution is to damp the fabric in unboiled milk and leave over night, then launder as usual. Or try shaving cream. Apply, leave for 20 minutes and rinse.
Vinegar, as an all-purpose cleaner, may also help for removing ink stains. Damp the stain with white vinegar and leave to work for 10 minutes, then launder. Never use this method on silk or cotton fabric as you will cause serious damage.

If the fabric is made of polyester, spray some hairspray, if it is made of cotton – some acetone, isopropyl alcohol or lemon juice. Leave to work for half an hour and launder. In some cases when the fabric is more specific, you can try to apply some yogurt, but always try on a inconspicuous area first.

As you see, removing ink is not so hard if you react fast and on time. In such case you will not need stain removing detergents, which are toxic and expensive, or professional carpet cleaning service.

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