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The level of development of one country can be seen by the way the streets and the traffic look like. This is when the people are put in stressful situation and when their mentality can really be seen. This is also where the main level of culture of the people can be seen. The number of people who die in crashed in India is significantly bigger than the one in Europe (in percentage). The reason is that in India, the people do not obey any rules and they drive as they want and as they find for proper.

The statistics show that a bit over 80 000 people each year die in crashes in India, which means that more than 9 people die every single hour only by crashes only in India. This is a huge number and you will not be surprised by it if you look at one of the many videos on the Internet. The latest proof of that insane driving style was the Top Gear show last series, where the three showmen drove around India in their old British cars.

So, when you decide to visit India and you want to stay for a bit longer, keep in mind with the driving style of the locals. This holds true especially if you decide to rent a car. However, if you want to spend your time more relaxing and away from the noise of the big cities, make some international calls India, find a house in one of the many villages, book it and go there. The prices in India are very low, so you can be sure that you will be able to afford everything. This will allow you to touch and experience the culture and the lifestyle of the normal Indians. On top of all, you will have the chance to visit on of the many temples which India offers.

So, call India, make a reservation and start your exploration. At the end you will be grateful and will surely be in love with this amazing country, despite the traffic and the bad statistics. You only have to be ready to act fast and to be very careful on the road network of India.

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