In What Condition Is the Upholstery?

No matter for how long you were living in your old premises, when the end of your tenancy is close, you have to do only one thing – the post tenancy cleaning. That tedious task could be pretty difficult and could need lots of time to be done but it can’t be avoid. One of the problems with which you’ll face, especially if you were living in that place more than few months, is how to clean the upholstery.

Many people are not used to take care for the upholstery regularly and that’s why for them is harder to manage with this problem during the post tenancy cleaning London. And you? Do you know how to make the upholstery to look like new?

You should begin with vacuuming the upholstery. Remove all the bits of food, hair or fur of your pets. You should treat all the upholstery – even under the loose cushions and the back side of the furniture.

The stains could be successfully removed with paste of laundry detergent or liquid dish detergent and a little bit hot water. You could use electrical mixer to make homogeneous mixture. Take soft cloth and blot the mixture over the upholstery. Leave it for few minutes and wipe what’s left with clean wet cloth. If there are still some stubborn stains, treat them again until they totally disappear. You shouldn’t treat the whole furniture in the same time, blot the mixture only over small areas. In that way you wouldn’t leave it too long over them and you wouldn’t risk to damage the upholstery colors.

At the end leave the upholstery at least for a night to dry. You could also use and electric fans or heaters for that purpose.

The post tenancy cleaning London is responsible task and it may need lots of time to manage with it. If you don’t want to have problems with your landlord, don’t neglect anything.

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