Important Web Hosting Considerations for Your Business

There are some important considerations each business owner must take into consideration before choosing his or her web hosting service.  Some of these include:

Amount of web space – Most websites need less than 5 MB of space.  However, if you envision your website or company expanding in the future, it’s a good idea to go ahead and plan for more.

FTP access- Not all web hosting will do your design for you or give you access to their website building programs.  If this is the case, it is critical that you make your sure you have FTP access to your site so you can upload your own material onto your website.  This is also needed if you plan on having a third party create a more professional-looking webpage.

File size and file type- Some web hosting charge you for the size of the files you upload, or don’t let you upload files past a certain maximum size.  This can severely limit the amount and kinds of graphics and other media you use on your website.

Bandwidth – No one provides real unlimited bandwidth, so stay away from web hosts who make such claims.  Every host must pay bandwdith, and they will not absorb the extra cost of all your web traffic just to be nice to you.  In general, if you are looking for web hosting simply to host your personal home page, then 100MB per month should be adequate; if you are starting up a small business, 1-3GB at least will be required.

Disk Space- Not many sites for small businesses or personal home pages require more than 10 MB of web space, so beware of “deals” that offer you packages with 200 MB or more of disk space at “discount” rates.  For most people, cheap web hosting is more than adequate for their needs.

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