Importance of a Good Hobby

Everybody has a hobby in their life. A hobby is something that people enjoy doing and that gives them satisfaction. Usually the hobby relieves stress from the boring everyday routine and can distract you from the everyday normal business and give a nice some inspiration for the next few days.

Usually everybody finds a thing that he likes in life, sometimes it doesn’t have to be a thing that he is good in just a thing that gives you pleasure. My hobby was and still is basketball. But I am not one of those fan types that watch games non stop and become fanatic about players. I used to play earlier in a pro team.

My hobby started when I was little I was a small kid who definitely didn’t have talent. I was the smallest kid in my class and wasn’t the best in sports. When I started training the coach told me I was never going to play professionally one day. But I stayed and with perseverance I continued to play and after eight years of training I was captain of the high school team and the second point guard of my team. I wasn’t the best but I was the most passionate player. But after a couple of injuries my career was over. Nowadays I can’t play because if I play I can make the injuries worse.

Today I work as one of the professional cleaners Putney Heath. It is not pleasurable as my previous hobby but the pay is good and I get enough money to support my family. Nowadays my hobby has changed although I though it do be dull and unpleasant, I found out that cooking can be quite an experience for me. The key in success is always focused in little things.

Cooking is always a nice way to relieve stress and it is not the same as basketball but still it is quite a thing to get into. When I am not with the professional cleaners Putney Heath I always spend some time cooking for my family and as I said the key in cooking is the little things. Always is the spices. No matter what you cook spices are always the thing that make the meal delicious and supreme.

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