Ill Formed Perceptions.

I must admit, my perception of Scotland was not one that was well informed. I had always pictured a place that was full of miserable old men that one could hardly understand, and an unfavourable climate. I have no idea where I picked up such images of what turned out to be such a wonderful country, but they did exist in my mind at one time. Perhaps it was the media, or some other means. Either way, they were ill formed perceptions.

When I married my husband three years ago, I was well aware of his Scottish background. I had been to several ceremonies, and even met some of his relatives. They all made it very clear that they were proud of their heritage, and that I should make more of an attempt to understand it. You do funny things for family approval, especially when that family is related to someone that you absolutely adore. Therefore, I began my research into my husband’s tribe. The history of it all was very exciting, but at times I seemed to slip back into my ill formed perceptions of Scotland. I hope my hubby never finds out about my old way of thinking, as he would constantly make fun of me for it. Regardless, after building up enough courage to take a trip to Scotland, I surprised David, my husband, with two tickets to his home town.

I had done much research into the Central Glasgow hotel that we were to stay at, and compared it to many other Strathclyde hotel listings that were found on the internet. I was so happy with our Central Glasgow hotel that I recommend it to nearly everyone that is thinking about visiting Scotland. I am sure that any Strathclyde hotel would be amazing, but I can only work off of my experience.

I now have a more accurate perception of Scotland, and the people that have the advantage of living in such a beautiful country.

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