Ice Cream Removal from Carpet

Ice cream is probably the favourite snack of a lot of people in the world. It is so tasty that it makes everyone smile while eating it. That smile could turn into a frown, if the ice cream is dropped on a brand new carpet. But don’t worry! You can easily take care of that stain and forget about it. You only need to know the best method to clean it.

There is a great variety of ice cream stains which you could get. Ice creams differ in flavour and colour. Maybe, the most difficult to remove are the stains caused by chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Carpet cleaning Melbourne advise to take an instant care the stain no matter of the type of ice cream that caused it. That will ensure you will achieve the best result.

Start with removing the excess ice cream. Use a plastic knife or some other dull object. Be careful not to harm the carpet fibres.

Once you have removed most of the ice cream, you can continue with the real cleaning process. The things you need are white vinegar, water and a clean cloth or sponge. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of water. Pour the solution in a spray bottle.

Vinegar is a very effective in this case. It is a good cleaner but it also helps in removing any bad odours which may have left after cleaning the spill.

Spray the affected spot with a small amount of the solution and let it stay for a few minutes. Next, blot the area with a sponge or cloth. You will see how the stain is transferring to the cloth.

If the cloth gets too dirty, replace it with another one. It is possible that you will need to repeat the process several times until you manage to remove the stain completely.

If you follow the above tips, you will have no problem cleaning up ice cream from your carpet. If it is too dirty and you can’t clean on your own, you can always ask carpet cleaners Melbourne for help. Just give them a call.

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