How to’s in Commercial Printing

There are commercial printing companies in so many areas of the country and getting the right one for your company is like looking for a needle in haystack but don’t worry you will just make sure you do a little research.  Commercial printing is waiting for your company, make it happen.

1) Know your printing needs
Know what you need and keep it mind.  Have everything ready so you can clarify everything with the printer.  Put together files or your ideas that you think will work well with your print requirements.  Papers, paper stocks, colors and the print type is very important to be thought of so you can easily point it out to the printer and can easily work out a budget.

2) Research what people suggests and what they are saying about printers
What are other people saying about your chosen printer? Are there a dozen more people ranting about how awful their services are or are people jumping for joy for they have chosen the best printer they could find.  Ask around or go search the web for clues.  Try to be a detective and learn more.  Compare notes with others specially past clients and don’t be afraid to ask.

3) Art done
Files must be in a certain form.  You need to confirm with your printer what files they prefer.  Most of them like pdf, jpg or tiff files.  The best way to work on your art is to use the same designing program your printers use so they can easily open the file and edit if they must.  If asking is not an option you can always opt to use programs like photoshop, illustrator or corel draw.

4) Options
Ask your printers.  There are tons of choices out there for you and if they are a professional printer that really does customization, they will be giving you a lot of options.  Choose wisely and keep your target users in mind all the time.

5) Reasonable rates
Rates does not have to entirely low, just reasonable enough for both parties and workable that the printer will not have to worry to give you cheaper types of paper just to squeeze your insisted budget.  Ask around, their rates should be competitive and if it falls in that range then rates won’t be much of a problem.

6) Great Customer Service
Because you are researching about your printers, make sure their customer service is included.  You need to know if they can service you even after the print sales.  You need to know and be assured that you have a printer to get back to should you need anything else.

7) Output
Prints must be in excellent quality from the first page to the last page, from the front cover to the back cover.  Not only should they be giving you the prints at the right time they should also be giving it to you in perfect condition.  Make sure that you have checked every single detail once prints are done in front of the printers.

Let that chosen Commercial printing company do the magic for you, just make sure you keep your share of the work too.  It is easy to do commercial printing just keep those basics in mind and do not be lazy in picking out the right stuff for your prints.

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