How to Write an Effective Direct Mailing Letter

Direct mailing companies are the experts that can help a business reach out to its target audience. However, the success of a direct mailing campaign is more than just getting the services of the best direct mailing service provider. Most of the time, it has something to do with the package that you put together and send out to your prospective customers.

What is your message? You should be very clear about what you want to convey to your audience. Make it a point to avoid using too many words. Simplicity is the key. You must also avoid the use jargons that might not be comprehensible to most of your readers. They should easily identify what the proposition is. And since that the goal of direct mailing campaigns is to look for a response, you must include a clear “call to action” or the next steps that you want the audience to do.

Keep in mind that writing a direct mail sales letter is very different from writing a note to a relative or a close friend. You should understand that the recipients of your mail might have no interest in receiving a letter from you. With this in mind, your first thought must be to come up with a way to immediately grab their interest.

The general structure of the sales letter itself is very significant in attracting attention. Remember that not many people read beyond the opening sentence, much less the subject line. So you need to catch their attention right away.

Keep the opening paragraph as short as possible. Promptly explain your reason for sending the letter. Then let the body offer more detail, perhaps state some short information about the product or service. But most importantly, highlight the benefits your audience will get from using it. What’s in it for them? You can easily get the interest of people if they clearly understand that there is a benefit waiting for them once they are done reading the letter.

How you close the letter is an important consideration as well. Don’t just end the letter for the sake of ending it. You should leave the recipients with a clear instruction on what to do next. Would you like them to call your head office for more information? Or visit your website? Or buy a special item from your store? Whatever is it that you intend for them to do, state it clearly and briefly.

The layout of your sales letter is quite an important factor to consider as well. Make sure that your subject line is engaging enough and printed in bold font. But generally, do not forget that what you want to say would still matter more than the way you layout the letter.

Once you are confident about the impact of your sales letter would have on your audience, then it’s time to find a local direct mailing company. In Texas, you may want to go with an El Paso direct mailing service provider.

Ultimately, remember that you message should be straightforward and clear. Use trigger words, such as “free,” “save,” “offer” and the like although remind yourself to be truthful with your words.

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