How to Whiten Your White Socks

White socks are the inescapable evil. You are required to wear them in most situations, because it’s the customary colour of socks. Yes, it’s true that black has been trending, but when you think about sports events and everyday wear, you think socks. They are the predominant colour on the market and a real burden to wash.

One wear is all it takes for the white in your socks to soil and turn a perpetual grey tint, which you desperately want to remove. It’s crucial to understand that not all white socks can be saved from the natural discolouration process associated with constant wear and tear. Cleaners WC1 advise that if you want to whiten older socks, which you have been wearing for months without any special effort in cleaning them, then to be honest, there is little to no chance that you will successfully have them whitened. However, with brand new socks there is a higher chance to whiten them and keep them as white as new.

The key is to wash them regularly so that you don’t allow for dirt to settle in. Some people prefer to use bleach as it is a sure-fire way at success, but Cleaners WC1 teams advise that socks are, unlike other clothing articles, under considerable stress and friction and adding bleach to their problems is a guarantee for your socks ripping prematurely. One way to clean them is to boil the socks with a hefty dose of freshly squeezed lemon juice and vinegar, which are naturals at removing dirt and at the same time scent the socks and remove the nasty foot odour. Here I personally like to scrub with a hard brush each soak to dislodge as more dirt as possible. What you have to do in order for this to be completely effective is to turn the sock inside out before boiling.

If boiling socks is not your style per se or you don’t trust the miraculous green cleaning, then soak your socks in a bucket with scalding water and dish washing liquid overnight and then launder them in your washing machine in the morning. Those tips done as regularly as possible will increase your chances for white socks for a longer time.

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