How to Wash Ripped Jeans

The ripped jeans are extravagant,and subsequently very stylish. They are a classic garment which is suitable for a almost every occasion. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to maintain as to combine them with different accessories. The ordinary wash cycle is to harsh for the fragile fabric of the ripped jeans. However, you still will have to wash them. How to do that without causing any damages on your jeans?

You may be surprised that actually that is not that hard thing to do. You can either use your washing machine or doing everything by hand. You just have to know exactly how to act.

Having in mind that fact cleaners Fulham provide these tips on how to wash ripped jeans:

As a start turn on your washing machine. You will have to work on a delicate warm water cycle. In case you have decided to do the washing on hand pour 6 inches of warm water into a large washtub or basin.

Add a laundry soap into water. In case your jeans are stained really bad you can add a scoop of borax to the water as well.

Dip the ripped jeans into the warm water and allow the machine to work until agitate all is well mixed. If you are doing everything by hand you should put on rubber gloves and stir the water until it forms bubbles.

Leave your jeans to soak in the detergent mixture overnight.

Then set a delicate rinsing cycle or just rinse by hand the denim item until all of the soap residue is removed. After that you just have to hang them and let them dry. Remember! You shouldn’t the wring the jeans garment as this will cause deformations and easier fading.

Cleaning Fulham team wish you good final results!

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