How to Use Lemon Juice for Removing Stains

Lemon juice surely is unusual cleaning product, but surprisingly or not, it removes food-based stains quite effectively from fabric. It is believed that the organic properties, such as acids, found in lemons are the reason for the efficiency with which lemon juice removes similar organic substances, although it is not proven. However, there is no need to know how the lemon juice works in order to use it for stain removal. A few drops of lemon juice can make a miracle with any stain by removing it completely from your clothing. Follow the tips below and ensure yourself in the cleaning properties of the lemon juice by first hand.

  1. Remove any excess stain-causing material from the fabric. Use a spoon to scrape off as much of the substance as possible before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze one of the halves directly over the stain. It is a good idea to squeeze the lemon on the back side of the stain, or with other words, on the side of the fabric that was not initially stained. This will help the stain to get out without penetrating deep into the fabric, according to cleaners Brockley. It is advisable to do this step over a sink or a bowl.
  3. Place the stained area of the fabric under slowly running water with the stain face down, so the stream of water can push out the stain.
  4. Sprinkle table salt over the stain, so it is completely covered, and completely squeeze the lemon half over the stain. Use the other half of the lemon to rub the salt into the fabric and let the garment dry completely in sunlight.
  5. Once the garment has dried, place it into your washing machine and launder as usual. Now, the stain should be completely gone.

Note: Do not use lemon juice or any other stain remover product on dry clean only clothes. If your stained clothing is dry clean only, it would be best to take it directly to professionals, as advised by cleaners Brockley.

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