How to Treat Properly a Persian Rug?

A beautiful accent for every home can be a Persian style rug for your living room or kitchen, or why not in your bedroom. They are source of a color for the whole room, the comfort and style are walking alone with them. If you are a good Persian rug owner and you had taking care well for it, your Persian rag can last for decades. I this article, I want to show you some tips and advice for the proper carpet cleaning especially for and taking care for the Persian rugs, follow my guidelines and the results will not be late.

The sun

If the Persian rug is exposed on direct sunlight, so their colors will fade away over the time. It is not a good advice to expose the rug on direct sunlight, but if this is inevitable, try change the rug position from time to time, so it can be lighted only on one area. If our rug is situated in your home to a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, you should rotate it and change it positions. If the sunlight is not pointing directly over the Persian rug then should rotate it on three months.

The vacuuming

When vacuuming, you should handle it with care. Remember that your carpet is not made in a factory but on hand, so the advice is first to be careful with it. If you have a rug that is somehow valuable for you or it is antique you should have specific vacuum cleaner machine. Your cleaner should not have any mechanical or rotating parts and beaten bar at all.  When vacuuming, you should not set the vacuum cleaner on high pressure. We do not vacuum the fringe. This is the only way for cleaning it, do not shake it or beat a Persian rug, you can damage the knots and stress the fibers. If some stains appear call for a professional carpet cleaning services, to they will know how to treat such valuable artifact as your Persian rug.

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