How to Take Care of Your Upholstery

No matter how much effort you’ve putted in taking care of your stuff, they will become dirty in one point and in other even too damaged to use them anymore. This applies to your furniture as well, and most of all to your sofa. Fortunately, you can make it last longer if you know how to maintain it.
Learn how to handle that chore for no time and with minimal efforts from the following fantastic clean tips on how to clean a sofa:
General Steps
Read the sofa manufacturer instructions in order to determine if you can wet-clean it. Always apply your cleaner on a small area and let it sit for a few minutes to make sure that it is safe for the sofa’s surface. If you notice that you remove color while you wiping the solution off you should remove it as quickly as possible and not using it at all. If not, you may proceed the treatment.
Pour the cleaner in a spray bottle. Then start applying it on a small sections of your sofa to make the process more effective. Let it sit for a while. The exact time is usually pointed on the cleaner’s label. After that pass over the area with a towel in order to collect as much dirt as possible. Repeat this until the entire sofa is clean again.
If your solution can handle the stubborn grease stains, apply a little bit of baking soda over the affected area and let it stand like that over the night. Is this really works? Yes, it is efficient enough as the soda have strong absorption properties. When the morning comes, you just have to vacuum the stained area.
In case you have to deal with different type of stains just buy a fabric cleaner that is safe for sofas. Treat the spots with it and let it stand for about 5 minutes. To finish just blot until the dirt is completely removed.
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