How to Take Care of Your Mountain Bike

It is always good to have a bike. Despite the fact how pleasant is the sensation of riding it, especially in a sunny day, it is also good for your health as all types of movement. However, as with all items you have, you need to take care for it in order to use it for longer period. Fortunately, that is not a hard thing to do.

In order to make the bike cleaning even easier cleaners Hornsey provide the following tips on how to manage that task for no time:

To begin you should first prepare the tools you are going to use to fulfill an effective cleaning. In this case you will need a few rags, liquid dish soap, sponges, garden hose, oil-based lubricant (Ti-Flow is a good option) and buckets. After storing these items you may start the actual treatment.

Use a hose and your hands to remove any large chunks of dirt from the bike.

Put aside the wheels and seat.

Take a clean bucket fill with warm water and add some dish-washing soap in it.

Take a clean rag (an old T-shirt works well), dip it in the soapy water and work on the entire frame with it. Soap up as needed.

Repeat the same procedure with the wheels and the seat. Make sure that you have removed all the mud and other type of dirt from beneath the saddle and between wheel spokes.

Put the wheels and seat back on their original place.

Then rinse your bike well to lift up all the soapy traces.

Take a couple of dry rags and wipe the bike with them to dry it off and remove the remaining dirt.

As a final effort cleaners Hornchurch advise you to apply oil-based lubricant to all moving parts once your bike is completely dry.

Good luck!

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