How to Take Care of Your Cat during Move

Every relocation is difficult and that goes without saying. You are faced with millions of tasks which require your attention so probably you don’t have much time to think about details. But there is somebody who is staring at you with his/her big brown eyes, somebody who is wondering what happens and why you don’t have time for him/her any more. Who is that?

That’s right! It’s Fluffy. Have you totally forgot about your cat? There is no doubt that you have a lot of work at the moment but your pet still needs your attention. Cats are sensitive animals. Yes, they are also very independent and don’t require too much attention but at the same time they could notice any change in your mood, in you physical or emotional condition. How many times has Fluffy snuggled up to you when you were ill? How many times have his/her actions cheered you up? It’s proved that pets have amazing curing possibilities. They are able to make you feel better and by some researches they could even help you to make a quick recovery. After all that, don’t you think that you should take care of this nice creature that loves you unconditionally? Let’s understand what can you do to help to your pet to cope with relocation.

1. Don’t ignore him/her

Try to spend as much time as you could with your cat. There is no need to play with him/her all the time but you could at least let him/her be in the same room as you while, for example, you’re packing.

2. Take care of his/he needs

Have you found out where is the nearest vet? Do you know where you could buy some food for him/her from? All that may seem only as trifling details but actually it’s essential.

3. Protect your cat

Even if you’ve found the best man and van in London, they can’t take care of your pet instead of you. It’s only your responsibility to make sure that Fluffy is in safe. But what so much could happen? The worst is he/she to be scared of so many strangers and to run away and then… who knows? The best way to prevent such unpleasant situations is to let somebody else take care of him/her while movers are in your house.

All you should do is to make sure that your pet is well and in safe. The best man with van in London will take care of the rest. 

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