How to Take Care of Black Converse Shoes

All Star shoes, or in other words Converse products are very current all over the world. That is one of the number one shoe manufacturer that produces canvas shoes in wild variety of colors and models. The classic model of the brand is the stylish in black model, appropriate for all age groups. However, considering the canvas texture, it is really important to clean such shoes in an appropriate way and to do it regularly. You may not be aware of that, but a simple routine cleaning will remove all the dirt, dust, stains and spots from the shoes, leaving them looking brand new.

Learn how to easily restore the bright look of your converse shoes from the following cleaners Kensal Green tips on the subject:

Take your black Converse outdoors and shake them thoroughly over a trash can or just on the outdoors garden space to get rid of as much of the dirt and dust accumulation as possible. Carefully tap the shoes together or tap the soles on the ground to remove the stubborn caked-on dirt.

Then go over the shoes surface with a water-dampened cloth to lift any remaining particles.

Untie the laces from the sneakers and place them aside. Wash them in the washing machine with similar-colored fabrics and dry them on a high-heat setting.

Apply baking soda inside the shoes to absorb any shoe or foot bad smell. Let the soda to stand in while you are cleaning the outside part of the Converse.

Place the shoes under cool running water to wet them.

Fill a sink with warm water and enough laundry detergent to form suds. Do not work with hot water! According to cleaners Kensal Green that will only additionally fade the fabric material.

Submerge a soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush or nail cleaning brush, into the soapy water and work the soap in into the Converse shoes.
After that swill the shoes under cool running water to get rid of the soap and baking soda residue.

As a final step place a soft towel over the shoes. Carefully blot them to remove excess water. Then just let the shoes to air dry the rest of the way. Remember!!! Never expose your shoes on a direct sunlight, neither use a heat source, as both can fade the black fabric.

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