How to Take Care For a Plastic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always current accessory. It is worth to spend a little bit more for such purchase, first, because it concern your eyes and second, because they are really practical and can be combined with everything. You can wear a pair of stylish sunglasses both with a official outfit or with your everyday clothes. Furthermore, such accessory can be worn during each season as long as there is a sun outdoors. Unfortunately, even the high-quality coatings, sunglass lenses scratch really easily. The scratches may not be noticeable, but they will certainly reduce the clarity of your vision. Having in mind that , it is a number one rule to always put your glasses in a case in order to limit the scratches.
In order to help you to reduce the damages on your sunglasses cleaners Kidbrooke provide the following tips on how to protect them from scratches:
to begin apply glass etching material on both front and back side of the lenses. In that way you will dissolve any anti-scratch or anti-glare coatings without penetrating the actual plastic lens. Let the compound to stand on for about minutes. After that swill out thoroughly.
Next, cover both sides of the lens with furniture polish and start to buff the lens with a clean cloth. This polish is great, because of its mild abrasive basis that will polish and blend out all the scratches on the plastic material. Rinse well. You may need to repeat this step several times, depending on the size of the damages on your sunglasses.
As a final effort cleaners Kenton advise you to apply a metal polish onto a clean cloth and rub the polish into the plastic lens working in a small, circular motions. Polish the glass surface until all the scratches are removed. Then just swill well.

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