How to Survive Moving with Pregnant Wife? Part 3

Did you succeed to handle everything? That’s a great news! If you survive the moving day too, you’ll deserve to be called a superman. What should you do during the moving day to help your pregnant wife and to cope successfully with your relocation.

1. The last challenge – the moving day

You’re almost at the final so take a deep breath and calm down a little bit. Perhaps your pregnant wife feels really stressed at the moment and she needs all your attention and care. You must be unfazed enough if you want to give her the support that she deserves. Do everything to help your beloved to cope with your removals London and there might be a chance to forgive you that you forced her to go through all that during her pregnancy.

2. Before the movers’ arrival

Clear the way for the moving crew. Remove all useless items and make sure that everything is packed properly. But there is one more slippery slope which you have to handle. Your house won’t be the safest place for your pregnant wife when the movers arrive. Everybody will hurry, it’ll be really stressful environment and there’ll be a lot of risk of injures. At the same time, your wife probably will insist to stay there so your task is to persuade her to go somewhere else. Try to explain her that she could rely on you to supervise the whole process and that she and the baby will feel much better if she goes for a day or two to visit, for example, her mother. Probably it’ll take some time but in the end she’ll agree.

3. After the transportation

So… everything is moved to your new home and it’s time you unpacked. Do that until your wife is still away. You’ll surprise her nicely and she’ll be really grateful to you. If you can’t cope alone just have a word with your removal company London to take care of unpacking too.

Well… that was all. Just go to take your wife and enjoy your new home together.

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