How to Survive Moving with Pregnant Wife? Part 2

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded to survive telling your pregnant wife that you should change your home but there are still a lots of slippery slopes. Let’s discuss now what should you do before the moving day if you don’t want your wife to set fire to you…

You have to consider her condition and to realize that she can’t really help you as much as before, so it’s you responsibility to take care of all details around your removals London. At the same time, you should let your wife help you if she wants or otherwise this will cause new problems. I know, I know… being a man sometimes is really difficult but imagine how your wife feels. So how can you give some responsibilities to your wife without overtasking her?

Your pregnant wife couldn’t lift or carry anything heavy so just forget that she’ll take care of packing! This is absolutely unacceptable, especially if she is far gone in pregnancy. You have two options: you do it yourself or just hire professional movers. I wouldn’t recommend you the DIY method because it could be quite stressful. Maybe the better choice is to hire a removal company London. If your wife wants to be involved in the moving process, her contribution could be to find a proper firm or to supervise the packing process. This wouldn’t overwork her too much and at the same time would make her feel useful. Of course, if she needs some help or if you see that she can’t handle something, always be ready to give her a hand. You must be careful how you’ll offer your assistance because if you just tell her that she is not able to cope, this will be your last mistake…

Preparations are not easy. This process is probably the most difficult bit of your relocations. But the good news is that you survived again and there is only one more challenge – the moving day.

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