How to Survive Moving with Pregnant Wife? Part 1

Are you faced with a situation when you have to change your home while your wife is pregnant? If you had a child before, you know how difficult it is for a man to handle with a pregnant woman. She’s always under pressure, always complain, always wants something… just a nightmare! But if you thought that it couldn’t be worse, then try moving with your pregnant wife… You’ll definitely need a couple of tips if you want to survive your relocation.

Women change a lot while pregnancy (as you’ve probably already noticed). Perhaps you won’t be able to recognise you lovely, always caring for you wife in the next nine months but if you’re patient enough, she’ll be back after baby’s birth. Her surging hormones turn her to another person – very nervous, stressed and always ready to set fire to you. So how can you tell her that you should change your home?

Well, it’s not really the best idea to open the door one day and to tell her “Honey, we’re moving after two days to London!”. Forget about that or you won’t live long enough to see your child… It’ll be better if you prepare her well in advance about your removals London. Should you move because of a job transfer? Just explain her how many opportunities for you, her and the baby (don’t forget to mention that!) will be there. Try to give prominence to the benefits for the baby. Have you never thought about that? It’s not a problem, I’ll help you – a better place to live, a safer neighbourhood, prestigious schools… Saying all these things will show that you’re a really caring man who thinks about his family and especially for his children, and trust me – this is your only chance to save your life!

But don’t be so happy… there are still a lot of things to be done if you want to survive your relocation. Read in the second part where you’ll understand how to choose a removal company London and why this is so essential for you.

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