How to Steam Clean a Carpet

Steam cleaning is a necessity when you want to keep your carpet extra clean. It is one of the most used methods when it comes time to clean a carpet, and here are a few tips how to do it right to prevent damaging the carpet.
Before going with the steam cleaner, vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove loose dust and dirt. Apply a carpet cleaner to highly soiled areas to help the steam cleaner in getting your carpet even cleaner. Once you’ve done with the pretreatment, get the steam cleaner ready for cleaning by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Start cleaning from the far side of the carpet and work towards the doorway to avoid walking on the wet carpet. Move the steam cleaner slowly to let the machine wet the carpet and then successfully to extract dirt. If the carpet is very dirty, you may need to repeat the steam cleaning after the carpet dries.
If your steam cleaning machine is small, pass over the carpet with the spray on to work the cleaning solution into the fibers. Then turn on the extraction feature, and go over the carpet once more with the both features on. Finally, extract any moisture from the carpet by going over one last time with spray off. Follow these steps and you should not have problems to get your carpet clean and dry.
There are many different types of steamers available on the market. Depending on the money you are ready to spend, you will get more or less powerful steam cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning Holborn advises to get such a steam cleaner that can heat the water while running because it is much more practical than a model that relies on hot water added by you. If the steamer doesn’t heat water, then the water will cool down during the process of cleaning, loosing its cleaning effect.
Instead of buying a steam cleaner, you can rent one from a hardware store. Often, it is much more practical than buying one because you can get much larger and powerful machine, such those used by carpet cleaning Holborn, for less money.

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