How to Spot the Right Commercial Printing Services for Your Needs

It is easy to find a commercial printing service because you can find them everywhere in the world but to be able to have the perfect commercial printer that is definitely a challenge.  A few things to do is to have a self check first, gather a list of probable printers and ask.

Ask yourself –

1. What are your printing requirements?
What type of prints do you need? Booklets, inserts, brochures or folders? List them all down and remember that if you put all your printing needs together, your price quote gets cheaper.

2. How much are you printing?

Commercial prints means a lot of prints, the more prints you need the better for your pocket.  You save a lot if you have everything printed at the same time.

3. Will your materials change anytime soon?

If your prints changes every season or every week you need to think about it.  If you are just needing to print handouts or inserts that will eventually be tossed off, you can pick a not-so expensive paper that will bring your costs to a minimum.

Ask your printer –

4. What printing methods do you have?
How the create the prints most specially their methods will give you a general view on what to expect on the prints, how much it will cost and what method will suit your printing needs so make sure you ask this and make sure they explain this to you in a not-so-technical manner.

5. What packages can you offer me?

Packages like prints and binding put together, or printing various different print types or printing, folding and mailing put together are the different packages any printer may have.  It differs a little on what they give you so in order to get the same quotes with the same package, lay down all your needs to all the printers even before you request for the price.

6. Can you help in art designing?
While it may add a little to the actual price quote, their assistance can greatly help make your prints look even better so ask them how much for this add-on or if they can offer this to you for free.

7. How long does it take you to print?
Their turnaround time is very important, they should be flexible enough to print everything you need even if you need it the next day.  Their ability to adapt to any condition is definitely one of the best characteristics a good printer should posses.

8. Can you show me examples of your past work?
It is very important that you get a glimpse of what you will be expecting from your future prints.  If the one they show you is tattered or looks very unprofessional, go find yourself another one.  It is important that they show their clients the best of  prints, if they can’t do that it means that they will never take that extra effort to do anything else from you apart from the actual printing.  You need to know that they will be there for you all the way.

Overall, the best commercial printer will always be the one that will make you happy and contented.  You need to feel at ease with your printers to be ultimately satisfied and happy with the results of the commercial printing service, so make sure you find the right one.  After all, you just need to take a few minutes of your time to get in touch with a few printers and pick one out so make sure you do it well to save you time and eventually your money.

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