How to Save Money While Cleaning

You want to save a lot of things especially time and money. And most people hate spending both of them for cleaning. And here comes the good news, that you can now save money while dealing with this task. Some professionals gave us useful advice saying that we can use old soaps and shampoos for other purposes instead of throwing them out. What can we use them for?

When there is a small part of the soap left, you’d better not throw it away but collect each one and when you have several, just put them in the flush tank in order to wash the basin thoroughly every time when you flush the water.

Although it happens rarely, sometimes there is a shampoo left in the bathroom which is expired. Do not reach for it to put it in the trash bin right away but use it to wash soft and delicate fabrics such as silk, for example. Your lingerie and handkerchiefs or scarves can be washed with it as well said some of the domestic cleaners London and this way they will be much softer than before.

These shampoos are used by many housewives to clean silver cookware or jewellery. Your tarnished earring can get their shiny look back if you wash them with a shampoo even though it was expired.

In case you keep the body wash you bought last year when you had a vacation and it is too late to use it for yourself. Then you can wash the fur of your pet with it. It is even milder for the skin of your pet instead of using expensive shampoos which are not very healthy.

The car or the bike need to be washed. Grab a bucket of water and a sponge and pour the old expired shampoo in it. The professional domestic cleaners London recommend that you should start scrubbing when the water in the bucket is soapy enough.

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