How to Save a Few Dollars in Commercial Printing

It is very important that we save whether for our own personal pockets or for the benefit of our company because every buck counts in this economy, finding the right commercial printing company to give you the right reasonable rates for your printing needs is very important in to go with your penny-pinching mood.  Commercial printing can never be undervalued especially if you did it right.

Here are a few ways you can save some dollars without doing much to achieve it:

Pick me
It is always good to be early, early birds always get the worms no question on that.  So you as the early bird that you are should get everything you need listed down.  Look at online catalogs of various printers and see which materials and designs catch your fancy.  The clearer you are with your printer on your needs the better for them to make a very close estimate on your printing costs.

One of the vital things you should pick out and think about is the paper that you will be using for your prints.  Its ability to absorb ink including its thickness (substance) depends on your need and what you can afford.  If your prints are just meant to be handed out to announce something for just a few days and will pass soon, use something thin and light but if you need something for a book or a magazine, use something thicker to make it last longer.  Even thicker papers are meant for brochures and other things for advertising.

The faster your printers can produce your prints and still create that awesome print they must, the better.  Fast turnaround time is a good sign of a professional printer and it also helps you save time to do other things and get other things done if you need more prints or what.  While some printers add a little fee for rush prints it is most likely to be very minimal but if you really want to save then let the printers print their normal printing time.  If you need to require your prints at a certain date, then do it earlier at least 2-3 weeks earlier than your date requirement.

Multiply me
Do everything in bulk.  The more prints you put together, the better rate for your print package.  Have as much prints done in one transaction.

Size Matters
Are you in need of a big print like those printed out for exterior walls or on buses? Or do you need a shape that is totally out of this world?  Remember that the bigger your prints the more expensive it will be because you will be using a lot of inks.  The shape on the other hand will cost more than the usual because the printers will have to shape every print according to your specifications which is of course a special service.

Cover me up
If you are just in need of simple prints like flyers and leaflets, don’t cover it up.  Leave the paper stock to prints that require more protection like magazines, folders and business cards.  Paper stock, whether it is glossy or matte will be the same additional cost.

Check me out
To save you and your printer the time and effort of having to ping-pong the art file double check everything.  Make sure you followed your file type and all images and fonts are imbedded.  Check your text for spellings, type and grammatical errors.

It is not the duty of the commercial printing company to tell you how to save; it is your own effort that will help you achieve your goal of saving on Commercial printing.

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