How To Retain Your Debt From Tenants

How To Get What’s Yours

The landlord business has many benefits, but it is also a risky one if you happen to end up with bad tenants. Of course in this case you can evict them, but that also has some hidden risks of its own. The upside is that you’re getting rid of a tenant that doesn’t pay regular rent or breaks stuff and treats the property badly. On the other hand, once evicted the occupants may leave with some unpaid debts that you may or in some cases may not ever get back. If that is your case, you need to act quickly or forget about your money.

The first step you must take is to contact the tenants, via phone call or a letter, informing them for the fact that they owe you money. In most of the cases they know that very well, the problem is that they don’t know the exact amount and thing that is a lot. Often what they owe is the last rent or the fee of your local Clapham end of tenancy cleaning services. They are the ones that will repair anything damaged by the tenants and clean the entire place to a mint condition. So once the ex occupants find out what exactly they owe it is often that they restore their debts.

Of course they are not always so cooperative. And when the payback is refused, you’re left with nothing else but to take severe measures. One way is to report him to a credit company. This will get him blacklisted and that way no bank will ever give him loans. And this is a bit too much to risk for a one time fee. So by sending the tenants a letter in which you state that are ready to drop charges in case they return their debts you’re almost sure to get your money back.

In Conclusion

It is always better to accommodate good tenants, but in case you don’t have this luck try not to be a victim. Evict them right away and get your money. Because if you get one of them to get away, the word will spread out and form your good name as a landlord will be left nothing. So when in doubt always think about yourself, your money and your good name.

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