How to Restore Your Wool Coat

Without a doubt one of the most stylish addition to your winter wardrobe is your wool coat. It is comfortable, warm, looks great and can be combined either with casual outfit or official cocktail dress. Unfortunately, owning such garment has one big disadvantage- its maintenance is usually costly as most of the wool coats require dry cleaning. Despite that fact you can also hand wash your wool item and in that way you can save money and still have your coat looking as good as new in no time. You only need the right cleaning technique.

Being aware of that cleaning Wembley experts provide the following tips on how to restore your wool coat bright appearance:

To begin take a specialized garment brush and brush the wool coat length-wise with it. By doing that you will collect the accumulated surface dirt and dust, as well as loosens up any dried-up food or other dirty marks you will notice on your coat.

Then fill a sink with cool water. Pour a cupful of a gentle, wool-safe detergent. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the detergent well enough.

Dip your garment in the water so that it will be fully covered with water.

Carefully squeeze and swirl the wool cloth around underneath the water. Let the cleaning solution to penetrate and clean all areas, especially the stubborn stains.

Once you make sure your coat is all clean , take it out of the mixture and drain the water out.

Refill the sink with cool water and immerse you garment back into the water. Push it around for several minutes to eliminate the soap residue.

Take the coat out of the water and squeeze it carefully in order to get rid of as much of the water in its fibres as you can. Be careful not to damage the wool texture! According to the cleaning professionals you should never wring out such garment or you will cause serious damage on its material.

After that place the coat flat to dry on a clean surface. Usually, that takes about two up to three days. Flip it over from time to time to make sure that both sides of the coat will dry evenly.

To finish you should steam your wool coat with a steamer machine to eliminate the wrinkles on its surface and restore its original shape. Alternatively, you can work with an iron on a steam setting in case you don’t have a steamer on hand.

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