How to Restore Old Piano

It is great to have antique items at your place, especially now when the vintage movement is so current. However, besides just owning such item, you should also take a proper care of it. Maintaining a vintage piano requires a keen eye on cleaning its every part. Unlike cleaning a normal piano, dusting off your vintage piano requires a little more care and meticulousness.
Considering how delicate is such procedure cleaners Dalston provide the following tips on how to restore your old piano without causing any damages on it:

As a start you have to store out the tools you will need to fulfill an effective procedure. In this particular case you have to store out your gentle vacuum brush, soft dusting cloth, paste wax, several dry cloths, ethyl alcohol, 1/4 cup of liquid detergent and 2 cups of water. When have everything on hand , you may start the actual treatment.

Before you take any cleaning actions, you should always take a careful look at the piano in order to estimate its keys condition.

Next, take your vacuum along with its gentle vacuum bush and collects s much of the dust and dirt particles from the piano as possible.

Work with a soft dusting cloth to thoroughly clean the finish for any other residue or dirt that can’t be picked up by the vacuum brush.

Take a dry cloth and add a small amount of your paste wax right onto it . Wipe your entire piano’s wood finish with that . Take a separate dry cloth and use it to buff your piano surface by turning your cloth in a circular pattern until its wax hardens to prevent the smears.

Pour several drops of your polish onto the dry cloth and carefully go over the piano surface with it until its finish turns shiny.

Inspect the keys of your vintage piano to determine if they are off-color. Usually, you can’t handle the yellow stains removal the ivory piano keys, working with a soft cloth dampened with ethyl alcohol.

Moisten your dry cloth with just a bit with if a ethyl alcohol. Be careful not to use too much to the liquid substance. According to cleaners Dalston too much moisture will loosen the antiquated ivory tone off your keys.

Combine ¼ cup of your mild liquid detergent and 2 cups of water in a pan. Immerse a soft cloth into your cleaning mixture and wipe off the grime on the piano keys.

Wipe your keys again using a clean cloth dampened with a little bit of water. Use dry cloth to dry the keys of your vintage piano.

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