How to Remove Toothpaste from a Carpet

Whether or not a toothpaste stain will come out of the carpet fibers depends on the type of toothpaste and the time it has sit on the carpet. An old stain caused by a coloured toothpaste might be very difficult to remove, and sometimes even impossible. These steps will help you to get a toothpaste stain out of your carpet easily, or at least to lighten the unsightly spot if the stain is permanent.

  1. Tackle fresh stains as soon as possible, watching not to spread the toothpaste on other areas of the carpet by rubbing the spot. Instead of scrubbing the stain unmanageably, try to remove as much of it as you canĀ  using a couple of spoons to scoop from two sides. If the toothpaste has already dried, scrape it outĀ  using the edge of a metal spoon or the back of a butter knife.
  2. Once the excess stain has been removed, it is time to take care of the toothpaste that has penetrated into the carpet fibers. Make a solution of 1 tablespoon of ammonia and 2 cups of lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Make sure to shake the bottle before use, and apply the mixture to the stain. Leave the ammonia solution onto the stain for a few seconds as suggested by cleaners Bow, so it can break down the stuck toothpaste, then blot it up with a clean white cotton cloth. Repeat this process until the stain is completely removed.
  3. Mix for to five drops of dish washing detergent with warm water if the stain remains. This solution will also remove the ammonia from the carpet. Blot the soapy water into the stain using a white rag, then soak it up with a dry towel. Rinse the area with plain water and blot dry.
  4. Put a few paper towels onto the wet spot and press them down with a heavy object that won’t be damaged from the moisture. The purpose of this is to extract as much moisture from the caret as possible, and also to prevent any toothpaste’s dye that has remained into the carpet fibers from reappearing back on to the surface. Let the paper towels sit on the carpet overnight, then remove them and vacuum the carpet to restore the natural look of the pile.

If you cannot remove the toothpaste stain on your own, consider hiring cleaners Borough to get it out for you.

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